Play as a momma bird that got a little too far away from her nest and now has to rush back to the nest before her babies starve! Hidden deep in the forest, the only way back is to follow the river. The river may be the fastest way but it's full of rocks and trees that momma bird must avoid if she want to make it back in one piece. Hunger is also an issue on this trek, and she must eat many bugs of the bugs found along the river in order to stave off starvation. The bugs also make her heavier, making flight a little more difficult! This game was made for LudumDare48 in 72 hours. Enjoy!


  • Up to flap your wings
  • down to dive
  • left/right to speed up/slow down


Skyboxes from rpgwhitelock's AllSkyFree pack


Download 57 MB

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